Saturday, January 24, 2009

Green & Black

Today was warmer, and my fingers began to de-swell from the stinging itching "frostbite" of the past cold week. I used them to finish 100 Block of West Jones Street, north side.

As we sat at Back in the Day Bakery, simultaneously watching people and passing threads of aimless conversation, Amber explained our lack of normal sense of urgency on a Saturday was due to the effect of thawing. Letting go of the tension we've borne when the weather was cold, easing back to normal. I thought it was also the grey cover of sky that disguises the sun and, therefore, the passing of time. It rained all afternoon and the backyard was so green.
Does it seem surprising to speak of Cold in Savannah? Everything is relative.

Last night I took a walk and found some eerily beautiful things.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Half-Batch of Books

The myth of a slow January - evenings reading, knitting, watching movies while sipping from warm mugs - is shattered. My work at the office has been consuming -- and exciting, with interesting and noteable projects in Savannah.
I feel well-entrenched in 2009, like I've been doing it long enough to know its frantic rhythm. In brief snatches of found time and despite frustrating setbacks, I've managed to fulfill a production of 12 This is Savannah Vol. 1 books for shopSCAD.
Maybe it's good to start with a bang. This will be a productive year, one way or another.