Thursday, July 30, 2009

NAMED Buildings

While touring Iowa small towns, I tuned into Named Buildings: named for their builders/owners in the case of private Shopfront Buildings or for their functions in the case of Civic Buildings, sometimes declaring the ideals of the community, as well. All in the Architecture. I especially appreciate the buildings marked with dates. I think all things created should be dated: maps, photos, art, clothing, furniture, tools, etc. Historic towns as well as Antique shops could be self-guided museums of history and evolutionary timelines.


This one is hard to see, but the date is actually patterned into the roof with red shingles.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roots and Branches

This is where my family is from:This is where I live:

Cross-Country Road Trip ANNIVERSARY

Yep, TEN YEARS AGO this month, My good friend Julie and I set out from Blacksburg, Virginia to drive across the USA and back, inspired by our 3month tour of Europe to really explore our own country with cameras and pens for 34 days. We met with many friends, relatives and architects along the way and picked up Laura in San Francisco for the southerly route back.

Here's what we found on the Roads:

It was amazing to perceive and compare regional character within a matter of weeks. I wondered where I would settle. I never dreamed I would live in Savannah GA. Here I am.