Thursday, October 31, 2013

Architectural Map-Drawings To Date: October 2013

I've added the Western States, as well as Provo, Newport Beach, Albuquerque Temples, as well as a second Staunton VA drawing in October. For November...on to the Midwest and Eastern States, as well as the Las Vegas, Detroit, Lima Peru Temples. Also, Virginia Tech and Blacksburg VA. And perhaps another Virginia Drawing...

Friday, October 18, 2013

American Heritage School Architectural Map-Drawing

Yesterday was the annual "Stepping Stones for Generations" benefit auction to help raise funds for this values-driven private school in American Fork, Utah. I was pleased to contribute an Architectural Map-Drawing that features the school, the Mt Timpanogos LDS Temple (just across the street), its corner of American Fork and the mountain in its backyard.
The American Heritage School Architectural Map-Drawing is now for sale:

The American Heritage School Architectural Map-Drawing comes in BLUE or GREEN.
American Heritage School Architectural Map-Drawing: blue and clay red
American Heritage School Architectural Map-Drawing: sage and clay red
The street lines merge with the topo lines of Mount Timpanogos. The mountain silhouette floats over the map.
The American Heritage School is adjacent to the Mt Timpanogos LDS Temple. In this Drawing, the School's flag aligns with the temple spire.
Best wishes, American Heritage School!  It was a pleasure to make this drawing and to work with Angelique.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I've just finished the Western States Map-Drawings! Working my way across the USA...
Here they are - sort of geographically hung on my wall. Each drawing features the state tree and a quintessential or common small house type found in-state, layered over the state's borders and topography, and faint highways.  You choose the location of a small red heart or house - where's special to you? Available in 8x10 Prints and Postcards. 
They're kind of 'kitschy cabin', and definitely made with love.
I love the big trees out west!
Here's OREGON:
Choose one or two - even three - hearts or houses to mark you special spots.
The heart and house re-appear on the postcard back with a curly 'telephone' line between them.
Here's NEVADA:
I like playing with different shades of green for each state, and for the map, tree and house.
With a pop of red.
Here's IDAHO:
These postcards are fun to send to homesick friends or as wedding save-the-dates!
(I can design the back with your event info.)
Here's UTAH:
The trees sometimes appear to emerge from the ground of the map.
And, sometimes the houses emerge from the map's 'land'scape.
View the state maps in my shop to learn where the houses are drawn from.