Thursday, March 13, 2014

Evocative Images of The Fatherlands

I Black Swan Books and Music a neat event happening this weekend! A Reading by Michael Trocchia from his just-published book, The Fatherlands.
Trocchia's  "chat book" consists of short stories that will transport and enliven the senses and spur your imagination.  
Such evocative and imaginative phrases inspired my drawing composition for Michael's book event posters which illustrates: A "see-through house" made of a house-sized "quilt" of the "blueprint of a city" containing a room wherein "three bulbs wires and pipes...fractured light..the work of spiders and well-lit angles" dominates the foreground. Above its simple gable is the skyline of a city on vacation that "squats down on the forest floor, only the tips of its tallest buildings seen above the treetops. And on the rooftop...there lies an unclean boy in a net hung like a hammock."

I'm glad Michael wanted to work with me. There was a nice dialogue between his poetic prose images and the architectural, urban and landscape themes I strive toward in my drawings. Gave me some nice ideas for future map-drawings, too... . . .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Macro / Micro pre- Re-Brand for TOTC

I fell down the rabbit hole. A one-day project turned to two, a week, two weeks, almost three weeks!  But IT HAD TO BE DONE.
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A new shop banner represents my origins in Savannah Georgia and my current growth season in Staunton Virginia. And my love of Maps!
Here's what happened...I was lucky to snag a free spot on the consultation calendar of Ariana & Katrina, creative business gurus at LAUNCH SESSIONS. Our short, but dynamic, conversation was a boost to my wonderings about how to share my work with more people and how to make this business profitable. I would love to just stay in my little old house and make drawings all the time. But, to pay the rent, the drawings have to sell... 

Our delightful conversation extended my view of what what possible with Turn-of-the-Centuries, the 'macro' view. That was exciting, dream-fueling... But, the next day I turned my attention to 'what can I do now?' A & K loved my work but suggested a re-brand of my internet sites, with all new photographs. More professional, I infer. I can't afford to hire a photographer nor purchase a camera right now. But, as I look closer, the 'micro' view, it was obvious the photographs of my prints and postcards in many of the listings in my etsy shop were outdated. No, ugly. c. 2008. I must have been taking photos at night under fluorescent light. As a visual person, I was appalled. How did I ever sell any of these things with such bad photos? Could I sell more with slightly better photos? I decided to at least stop the bleeding, so to speak, and do a pre- Re-Brand. Throw away the bad photos and re-photograph the worst offenders. Some of the prints and postcards that have been with me for a few years seemed bright and fresh, framed and newly photographed. I also did some extensive editing of each of the 250ish etsy listings to fit them to my new shipping materials and lower prices (yay!) and to offer Prints in more sizes (yay!) and Postcards in packs as well as singly (yay!) It took way more time than I expected and I was so stressed about the projects I was putting on hold in order to get to the end of this marketing rabbit hole and back again, but I love the way the listings read and look now. I even designed a new shop banner that better represents my origins in Savannah Georgia and my current growth season in Staunton Virginia. Here are a few of the new photos: 
Philadelphia Streetscapes Architectural Map-Drawings
400 Block Pine Street (left)
900 Block Clinton Street (right)
Architectural Map-Drawings
Portland Oregon Bungalow Streetscape (top left)
Staunton Virginia Archi-Topo Map (top right)

New Orleans Louisiana Streetscape (bottom left)
Charleston South Carolina Battery Streetscape (bottom right)
Architectural Map-Drawings
Alexandria Virginia Captain's Row Prince St. Streetscape (top)
Staunton Virginia Beverley Streetscape Drawings (bottom)

Architectural Map-Drawings
Savannah Georgia Architectural City Map with Select Block Streetscape (top left) 
Savannah Georgia Wright Square Architectural City Map (top right)
Savannah Georgia City Map Drawing (bottom left)
Savannah Georgia Rowhomes Streetscape (bottom right)
Architectural Map-Drawings
Savannah Georgia Coastal Landscape Map (top left) 
Savannah Georgia 1902 City Map Drawing (top right)
Savannah Georgia Coastal Landscape Map (bottom left)
Savannah Georgia Sanborn City Map Drawing (bottom right)
Savannah Georgia Postcard Pack
Sometimes, you just have to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS! Alright! Enough!  Let's get back to making drawings! With a View -- thanks Launch Ladies!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


What if, in addition to the State Tree, Flower, Bird, etc...there was a STATE ARCHITECTURE? An emblematic, vernacular cottage nestles into the topographic folds of each of the 'Lower 48' States.
 This Map can be framed, or just hung like a poster. It's printed on thick archival epson paper.
The Southern States and beyond.
The Great Lakes and the Eastern States.
The East Coast!
The Western States and beyond.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

AMERICAN HOMETABLE for the Architecture-Lovers!

Introducing another relative of the AMERICAN HOMESCAPE Map-Drawing... the AMERICAN HOMETABLE - for the Architecture-lovers!
50 States. 50 emblematic, Vernacular Cottages. Arranged geographically in a 'periodic table' of sorts, a Map of State Architecture.
The West. Cabins, Victorians, Bungalows!  And an Alaskan lighthouse.
The Midwest and Southeast of the Country.

The Northeast... Gambrels and Gables. And an Maine lighthouse.
The American Hometable Map-Drawing.
All states created equal. 1 1/4" square.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

AMERICAN TREESCAPE for the Tree-Lovers!

This new map is another take on the AMERICAN HOMESCAPE Map-Drawing which married state trees and imagined state architecture. This AMERICAN TREESCAPE Map-Drawing is for the Tree-lovers - no cottages, just TREES!
The 'Lower 48' - 48 States, 48 Trees. Just because epic Alaska and dainty Hawaii don't fit in a frame-able size. This Map can be framed, or just hung like a poster. It's printed on thick archival epson paper.
The Trees of the Heartland.
The Eastern States, and their Trees.
Tall trees of the West.
Trees of all shapes, sizes, and colors of green.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

AMERICAN HOMESCAPE: States Trees + State Architecture + Landscape

Every US State has their bird, their flower, their tree...I'm interested in the way people build houses, with materials and forms that are emblematic of that area. What if each state had a State Architecture? I drew small houses and cottages that seemed to capture the architectural essence of each state, from my own experience. I paired them with the state tree and nestled both into the topographic landscapes of the state. Each State Map is available as a Print and a Postcard:
Once each State was drawn, I was so excited to put them all together, like a US Map Puzzle!  The outline of the USA began to emerge...
Here are 48 contiguous States, with their cottages and trees, and city hearts, in place as individually designed. Houses and trees mashed on top of each other...this Map needed some ironing out! The result is the Map at the top of this post - and Printed, below.
Here is the big compilation of the Lower 48 States, with their trees and cottages, A 17" x 24" Print on thick white Epson paper:

The Great NorthWest

The Western States

Texas and The MidWest

The South

The Eastern States

The NorthEast, or North Atlantic, States

The Great Lakes States

The Colorado A-frame, where it all began. 
Do you have a favorite?