Sunday, November 28, 2010


DRAWINGS: 2008 - 2010
Limited Edition: 50 Books
This is Savannah, Vol. 2 is the second Volume in a series of drawings which combine elevations and perspectives to illustrate the architectural edges of the streets of Savannah, block by block. Vol. 2 is comprised of 18 blocks on both sides of the famous Jones Street, from Tattnall to East Broad. Jones Street is praised for it rich architecture as well as its lush tree lawns. It's almost decadent, just to walk down the street under the magnificent branches of the live oaks, dappled sunlight filtering through to cast shadows on the facades, building details, garden gates and walls that form the street wall. The details, often hidden from view by the wonderful canopy of street trees, emerge in these ink drawings. The original drawings are made freehand at a scale of 1"=20' to 1"=6' with a 1949 Parker ink fountain pen and printed onto natural cardstock. The "signature" (the book's pages) is bound into a hard cover under a sheet of patterned red paper in a variety of designs, some handmade. A pouch on the back inside cover holds a folded print of A Map of Savannah, Georgia.
Bonus Material!
This is Savannah Vol. 2, like Vol. 1 is an Accordion Book. However, this accordion signature is attached at the front only, so it can easily function as a standard book, turning page by page - Or, position the book in a super long hallway and gently pull the last page, pull, pull, pull to unfold the pages into one long continuous streetscape! At 9" x 12", Vol. 2 is larger than Vol. 1 and the drawings are larger and, if I may say so, better. You'll enjoy finding familiar buildings and appreciate the rich context of historic architecture - and details - in this renowned city. This is Savannah Vol. 2 is also a perfect souvenir, to remember Savannah and to share her with the folks back home.
Available in Savannah at the Telfair Trunk Show, December 4. Come see me!
Also Available at shopSCAD and in MY SHOP - or just send me an email.


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