Friday, August 22, 2008

200 BLOCK West Jones Street_Raw Material

I've finished the FIRST block of the Jones Street. There's a long road (street) ahead...

I finished - mostly - last night, but left a few unknowns. I could not tell from the photos I shot where a door belonged on the bottom left house and what its roof was like. I also missed the garden wall between the two with a small grotto fountain. I checked it out at lunch on my bike between downpours. Endless rain is good drawing weather - I don't feel guilty for staying in. But - enough, already!

Notice the window swap on the street level double rowhouse. Drawing surgery.
The window blinds on the neighboring house are way too dark. Remind me to lighten them. I normally don't draw them, but there was little texture, otherwise. Perhaps I should have rendered some of the beautiful brick facade.

You know you've been drawing a lot when your neck is strained and your upper back is tight and your - um - rear is sore from the nice old hardwood chair that fits the drawing table. It's rough.

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