Thursday, September 25, 2008

Delayed Gratification

Can it be? It has been a month since my last post.
I worked really hard all summer to prepare for a show at DeSoto Row on September 12 & 13. I sold This is Savannah books and note cards and postcards on a variety of themes - vintage automobiles inspired by my friend Ken, aprons inspired by Cheryl Day of the delightful, delicious Back-in-the-Day Bakery, wedding silhouettes inspired by Afton and Samuel's beautiful Florida wedding. The original impetus to make cards was thanks to my good friend, Christine, who is the mind of the most charming boutique in town, Terra Cotta. It was a great experience, after the task of set-up was finally gratefully complete. I am so thankful for good friends who stopped by and for all the new interesting people I met, including the other talented vendors. I have built a budding collection of stationery on Etsy with countless ideas yet to bring to fruition.

Just barely in time, the afternoon of the show, I finally got a chance to bring together drawings I've been making and images collecting to create the Savannah Postcard No. 1, the first image in this post. It was the best seller at the show!

I have wanted to and talked about designing some cool postcards for this amazing city, Savannah, for about five years. Finally, I've begun! Two more this week and others growing. They draw upon old maps and feature new drawings, watercolor, collage. The first set are maps; more architectural drawings, the fabric of the city, to come. The maps are almost crammed into the postcard format but are really quite nice as larger prints...

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Anonymous said...

I love them! It always makes me so happy to see your work. Thanks for sharing.