Monday, October 13, 2008

Night Walks

I had a good run Saturday, just as the sun was setting somewhere beyond the clouds that have enveloped the city for the past several days. I savored a break in the rain and turned my run into a walk after I passed my back gate. It felt luxurious to take this time, to just walk. I walked the blocks near mine, my neighborhood, and found such joy. In the damp cool air, and the ground, the plants and trees, the building fabric also suffused with the dampness. Lights were beginning to come on and fill the streets and doorsteps with spots of warmth in the cool. I was kind of astounded at what a beautiful place this is - as I am on regular occasions, always seeing things differently. Somehow the Lynyrd Skynyrd ballad on my ipod was also perfect. I took a walk in my neighborhood after a run a few weeks ago, later in the evening - past dark, when I recorded - with my little camera, striving for steady hands - some of these pools of light that warm the dark streets and embrace the architecture. And after this evening's run, I finally captured the wall of the carriage house of the Bed & Breakfast that is my back gate neighbor, across the lane. I've always admired this inspired trimming of vines.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I can feel the ambiance. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. It was pretty smart of you to move there. Nice job being the tripod.

smartin said...

great photos. made me feel like i was there too. thanks for posting