Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Cards!

I have been making Christmas cards for the past month - printing, painting, and even sewing. I tried really hard to avoid the sewing machine, but finally conceded I must yield to the 1970s Kenmore Model 1431 Zig Zag I got at a yard sale a few years ago. After a trip to the sewing machine fix-it shop to be instructed that the button that turns on the light is also the power button - (so that's why it wouldn't work...) - about 3 years ago, I set it aside with a growing pile of clothes in need of mending or alterations. I love the slightly moldy manual that came with it, but can't bring myself to actually read it. I struggled for about an hour of trial and error until I learned which stitch would work best with ribbon and cardstock and then got to work! It was fun. I embellished the CHRISTMAS TREES of Vintage Wallpaper cards of 2006 (my first turn-of-the-centuries cards) with ribbon around the door trim. I also printed the ARCHITECTURAL TREE-TRIMMING cards I designed last year with Savannah buildings as trim and gifts adorned with hand-painted red ribbons. I transformed Savannah Interiors raised-ink flat cards into neo-Victorian Christmas Interiors, inspired by historical photos from Savannah homes with a hand-painted tree and gold ink frame. I had a tree farm on a card table -until my new-found old 3-legged table collapsed.
My favorite is a simple combination of the tree and a chandelier, printed to thick Fabriano rag paper.
I think I made about 250 cards. I don't have quite that many hopefully I will sell some this weekend at the Savannah Market Bazaar on Henry Street.

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marymary said...

These are so interesting and elegant! Beautiful design work. (I stumbled over here from