Saturday, May 22, 2010

VAF: Twelve 20-minute Lectures

The best part of lectures is the invitation to the mind to tune in, learn - and to wander. They're the opportunity and the context for simultaneous learning and personal thought. I've a lot to think about and a lot to learn. My mind was swimming today, while I attended twelve PAPERS on topics such as these, favorites:
Building Stories: Narrative Prospects for Vernacular Architecture Studies; Ryan K. Smith; VCU; Richmond
Southern Homes & Plan Books: the Architectural Legacy of Leila Ross Wilburn; Sarah J. Boykin, UT; Chattanooga
Building the "New Old House": The Restoration Architectures of Joseph Everett Chandler; Timothy T. Orwig, Boston University
"Well-Mannered" Renovations in Georgetown: Hugh Newell Jacobsen's Historic Preservation; Katherine Miller, University of Virginia
Houses Without Names: Architectural Nomenclature and Classification of America's Common Houses; Thomas C. Hubka, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
I'm going to turn these, my flurried thoughts on ARCHITECTURElandscape STUDYculture DOCUMENTATIONdrawing NARRATIVEphotography HISTORYart RELEVANCEbeauty MAPPINGexperiential PLACEvernacular etc., into a cohesive and comprehensive framework with which to take on the next phase.

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