Sunday, August 1, 2010

I would like to take you to Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook NJ

I got lucky in New Jersey. On a bike ride from SeaBright, past the recreational seashore portion of Gateway National Park, we found ourselves pedaling through a decommissioned military base with a proud history of defending New York's harbor since 1778. A long row of nearly identical officer's houses along the shore, separated from the barracks and other buildings by baseball fields.

A small plaque claimed this ballfield saw the likes of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMagio. (right?)
I wished I could wander inside these beautiful old houses.
We learned from NPS guides in these command room bunkers that the munitions testing mission of the Fort Hancock was relocated to Aberdeen Proving Ground [where I used to spend growing-up summers at the pool...] The munitions rolled in by rail and were fired from the mounted guns on this concrete platform toward the sea.
You can find out more about intriguing Fort Hancock's:

No's also home to the nations's oldest lighthouse still in use!

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