Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Map of Savannah, Georgia: 1916 / 2010

I've been in Savannah, deep. In my mind. Perpetuating my quest to draw maps patterned after the lithographic techniques of 1800s maps, I present a map of the city core, north of Forsyth Park. The hand-drawn lines are rusticated. I hope they look like pressed ink. The building footprints and street patterns represent the City's structure in 1916.The map features eighteen blocks of Jones Street around the perimeter. The "bonus" sketches within the borders of the lithographic maps are one of my favorite features, like in this map of Lisbon. (I have a long way to go, Lisbon...) The final print size is 16" x 18". A few more glimpses -

This map will be part of the BOOK exhibiting all of the Jones Street block drawings, This is Savannah, Vol. 2.
The Print is also Available in my Shop.


Lee said...

This is wonderful. Will it be available in your Etsy shop?

kirsten sparenborg said...

AVAILABLE in the Shop:


Mitchell said...

Fantastic drawings Kirsten!