Monday, March 14, 2011

Venezia. Il Canal Grande La Piazza S. Marco. 1828

I've found a treasure.

A gentleman, a fellow appreciator of streetscape drawings, purchased This is Savannah Vol. 2 at the SCAD Scholarship Gala Auction. He wrote to tell me of his acquisition. He also mentioned this book which he purchased in Venice.

I could pore over it all day. The comprehensive and beautiful drawings in their lithographic detail completely overwhelm me. I especially appreciate the design of the pages, artful composition of text and drawing, all in the same language: varying strokes of the pen.

Of course, Venice is the ultimate "street"scape drawing city: from one side of the Grand Canal, one can see clearly the other with very little clutter except the passing boats which present a compelling addition to the drawing.'s rather a "Canal"scape.

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