Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pulaski Square in Green

I always took a moment to gaze or glance at Pulaski Square as I biked around or walked through it. No statue or fountain adorns its center, just a mass of thick bushes. But the TREES! They are magnificant, arching just perfectly to form a high, ballooning canopy of live oak boughs and moss. Not only the leafy ceiling, but the grass is truly greener here, too. I hope I've paid homage to Pulaski's greenness with this newest Print. The perimeter architecture of this Square is prim and content to nestle in the boughs as the trees completely overwhelm the square, and the ward - for effect.Pulaski Square is welcomed into the small but growing collection of SAVANNAH SQUARES Map-Drawings. << Find Pulaski Square Print FOR SALE in my SHOP >>
Though I had a few photos of Pulaski, the drawing would not have been possible to create from this distance without the help of my camera girl on the scene, Ashley Bennett. Big Thanks!

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