Saturday, November 19, 2011

Virginia Tech College of Architecture: Visual Readings Exhibit, Lost Communities of Virginia

 Visual Readings: The Designer's Language
Cowgill Hall Lobby  --  November 17-18 2011

"On the occasion of recognizing the new book, Lost Communities of Virginia...a book sale and author signing features extensive displays of photography and hand sketches by Kirsten [Sparenborg] and many current architecture students at Virginia Tech.
Panel's of Kirsten's long history of sketches and photography are hung alongside the collective visual work by student residents of the Spring 2011 Semester at Virginia Tech's Center for European Studies and Architecture in Switzerland. Also included is recent student seminar work with analysis of three small town in Southwest Virginia: Shawsville, Snowville and Simmonsville.
This exhibit focuses on the core necessity that design education must cultivate an acute ability for visual literacy. Lost Communities of Virginia, and the ongoing work of our students to study, record and understand our towns, strengthens valuable research in making better human settlements.

Custon cabinet by my friend and former Architecture classmate, BJ Harris.
The best part was to speak to students and re-connect with Professors Egger (photo), Albright, Dunay, Clements, Braaten and Dean Davis.

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