Thursday, March 13, 2014

Evocative Images of The Fatherlands

I Black Swan Books and Music a neat event happening this weekend! A Reading by Michael Trocchia from his just-published book, The Fatherlands.
Trocchia's  "chat book" consists of short stories that will transport and enliven the senses and spur your imagination.  
Such evocative and imaginative phrases inspired my drawing composition for Michael's book event posters which illustrates: A "see-through house" made of a house-sized "quilt" of the "blueprint of a city" containing a room wherein "three bulbs wires and pipes...fractured light..the work of spiders and well-lit angles" dominates the foreground. Above its simple gable is the skyline of a city on vacation that "squats down on the forest floor, only the tips of its tallest buildings seen above the treetops. And on the rooftop...there lies an unclean boy in a net hung like a hammock."

I'm glad Michael wanted to work with me. There was a nice dialogue between his poetic prose images and the architectural, urban and landscape themes I strive toward in my drawings. Gave me some nice ideas for future map-drawings, too... . . .

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