Saturday, December 13, 2008

Savannah Recycles

This morning it was Christmas on Gordon Street,
residents waking up to find huge black and yellow plastic garbage bins parked in front of their stoops and porches. What a sight! They are crowding and blocking the sidewalk. It is hard, now, to squint and pretend you are walking down the street in the early 1900s. Oh - and watch out you don't run into the HUGE plastic bins.

"Christmas" to some, "Tax Day" to others.
Both times I went out to my car, parked on the street, I overheard sweet old lady neighbors muttering or grousing about the situation. ...What they make us pay for water! Eighty dollars a month for water! And now we have to pay for this! I don't want that thing! I knew they all was crazy, should be locked up in some loony hospital...bunch o' loonies....

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