Sunday, February 1, 2009

I would like to take you to the Cemetery.

Colonial Park Cemetery was the second burial ground in the city, from 1750-1853. Legend holds that Union soldiers dug into the crypts and camped here in the cold winter of 1864-5 when General Sherman occupied the city. According to the Tour Guide Study Manual, "For amusement the soldiers carefully altered some of the tombstones to show that people died before they were born." Lots of famous early statesmen and noteable settlers are buried here. I am drawn to the back wall, where the stones that have fallen from their bases are mounted, held by old iron grips. The old empty jail cell vents open toward the cemetery from the opposite side of this wall.


Snoop said...

Thanks for the uplifting tour. It is actually a pleasant post to get me to bed. gnight

Snoop said...

The shadow thing you like to do is a little more spooky with this background. Cool!