Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MOTOR Structures

Does it seem strange to sequence about from historic maps and architectural elevation drawings to MOTORBIKES...not to mention VINTAGE AUTOMOBILES and MUSCLE CARS? Though I am a little embarassed, I thought to broaden the lens to show the relationship between all the things that interest me and that I am compelled to draw.
I enjoy drawing the Motors series because of the parts that fit together. Admittedly, I don't really understand how they all work, but the beauty and efficiency of old cars and motorcycles (especially the motorcycles because you can see their motors on the outside) is very akin to other structural systems of which I am fond: cities, houses, rooms... In my second year of architecture school, our studio spent a week or two drawing a big V6 motor Professor Stoeckel salvaged from some old truck, I reckon. This was one of many projects in which we drew an uncoventional object using architectural conventions: plan, section, elevation, perspective. These drawings are not top-of-the-portfolio (or even near the portfolio), but they show a process and the genesis of an interest in mechanical structures and all structures because of the potential to see them in plan, section, elevation, and perspective and appreciate and begin to deduce their complexity of parts.

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