Friday, June 11, 2010

FINALLY! The Avett Brothers Play in Savannah

Trying to decide what to listen to as I ran around Forsyth Park this morning, I scrolled toward Mignonette - and I remembered...TODAY is the day my friends and I wished on for six years: The Avett Brothers Play Savannah!
Alison and I first saw The Avetts play at Merlefest in 2004 and we were blown away by their punk-folk ways. I brought Mignonette back to Savannah and we played it as we worked at Terra Cotta where my friends also fell for the Brothers and, thus, we became big fans of The Avett Brothers, anxious for each new release and especially to see them live. We saw them in small towns, New York City a few times, North Carolina and the mountains a few times.


Alison said...

AMEN, brothers!

hayliebird said...

oh i wish so badly that i could have been there!! they always told us they would NEVER play in Savannah...
I can't wait to see them again, it's been a year since we saw them together here in nyc. what good times <3