Monday, June 7, 2010

State Street, Late

A commission that came over a year ago from a friend, this print will be framed and given as a very late wedding gift to a certain couple who live in a certain apartment on a certain street in Brooklyn, New York City. * marks the spot.

How late was this wedding gift? I think the wedding about three years ago, but I did not have photos to draw from until this year, thanks to nyc correspondent Hayliebird. I actually walked this very block and tried to take photos one year ago, but my camera battery gave out. (It's curious how the resulting colors of this image are the same as the google map that I posted to mark the street in last year's post...)

Are you curious about the first draft? I was asked to draw the foyer of the building and use it somehow in the composition. I tried...but the "skyline" of Manhattan as backdrop is not something Brooklyners are proud of.

So, the lobby and its fancy glass doors did not make feature.


tracey said...

WOW. WOW. WOW. I am one half the couple that you created this print for. Kristen and Cat, this is THE most amazing wedding gift we received. J and I will cherish it forever as a beautiful reminder of our first home together. seriously. WOW. I am shocked into speechlessness by how incredible it is. thank you so much to both of you for such a thoughtful and stunning gift. -Tracey

kirsten sparenborg said...

It was such a pleasure to do the work - AND to meet you, J, and adorable Ollie. Cat is the mastermind of the gift and I'm grateful to her for the opportunity!