Monday, May 7, 2012

ROME: Bird's Eye Beginnings

I've come to ROME to learn the lineage of and try techniques at Birds Eye View Drawings. Having arrived and settled in a bit I scouted the hill behind my Trastevere apartment, the Janiculum, for the View.
I spent hours in the Special Collections library at the University of Virginia looking at hundreds of Maps and Views of Rome, before leaving. Imagine my delight at finding a 1736 View from the Janiculum posted at the Piazzale G. Garibaldi.

I am in for some intense drawing and brought some new tools, inherited from my grandfather when he passed. He was a printer. I have his pens pouch - and was surprised to find in it a clear eraser shield.
But I am SO HAPPY to BE HERE! I'll take the tough work of drawing for the rewards of living in Italy for a month.

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Kym Bullough said...

So jealous you are in Rome! What an experience! Your drawings look amazing (already) to me!