Monday, August 19, 2013

Sottile & Sottile: From Savannah to the World

The reach of a small architecture & urban design firm in Savannah Georgia extends far, far beyond the bounds of the modest rowhouse studio on Chatham Square.

In addition to awards by the CNU, AIA and others, Sottile & Sottile ideas and projects have produced some standout covers on a few international magazines.

On urban design,
see for full cover
On the singular SCAD Museum,
see for full cover

[The photo by Adam Kuehl in AD is otherworldly.  At night, it glows as a beacon. In the day, it welcomes learners and lovers of art.  It was a thrill to attend paper sessions of the SCAD Symposium in the SCAD Museum in February 2013. Having walked the galleries, halls and classrooms with pencil, pen and watercolor in the design stages, it was awesome to walk and use these spaces (and present a paper in them) in full living color and texture and space...] 

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