Saturday, August 24, 2013

Woodrow Wilson's House in Washington DC

We're on a Woodrow Wilson tour this week, it seems! After a crippling stroke in office, and at the end of his term, Wilson and his second wife, Edith, lived here on S Street, near Embassy Row. Wilson lived here 1921-1924. Edith lived 37 more years and gifted the house to the National Trust in 1961. The house is furnished largely as it was when Wilson lived here. (photo on left by Todd A. Smith Photography.)
Welcome to the parlor, a memorial to Wilson's family (his three girls' portraits on the piano) a "museum" of international gifts to the former President.
The grand piano, played by his eldest daughter, and a huge wall tapestry, a gift to the President.
A painting of the Spanish Steps in Rome, and portraits of King George V and Queen Mary, mother of the current Queen Elizabeth.
Wilson's office includes, among the books and treasures, a film projector (right) and screen (left). Cutting edge.
The neighborhood and the beautiful terraced rear gardens.
Woodrow Wilson's dressing and bed room. What a gentleman.
Edith Wilson was a 9th generation descendant of Pocahontas and proud (left image: Pocahontas, and Edith). Here is her bed and dressing room.
Built-in cabinets and cupboards are found throughout the house (love them!) and proudly house the Wilsons' china collections here.
In addition to an elevator that was powered by the S Street streetcar, the house was equipped with an intercom!

The kitchen is a large bright space, with a "modern" stove and wooden icebox.
The Woodrow Wilson House is a treasure trove of curious gifts from around the world by admirers of the President who negotiated the end of the horrendous World War and an interesting glimpse into life at the high end of Washington in the 1920s.

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