Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Bits of Christmas: FREDERICK, Maryland

On a very cold and windy December 31, 2013 -
- Frederick's East 4th Street revealed Christmas dressings still mostly pristine on stately rowhouses.
The colors of Christmas and the colors of historic rowhouses complemented -
Red doors were inadvertently festive, as well as scalloped window shades.
A single red velvet bow askew made a sea green door a holiday portal.
Even a gated narrow passage between buildings which punctuates Frederick's streetscapes comes alive with a Christmas planter.

Celery is a perfect backdrop to delicate piney wreaths - 
- and brass bells watched over by a brass eagle on this blue double door, which must shine at night when those string lights turn on.
On Market Street, the shop windows are shifting from Christmas the the New Year, and we caught the wreaths on the front door of VOLT restaurant just as they were being taken down, at the end of their holiday lives.

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