Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last-minute LOCAL Holiday Pop Up Shop: STAUNTON, Virginia

A balmy day in Staunton Virginia. December 21!  the doors of the old Historic Staunton Building are wide open for the first time in...years! Peter Aaslestad's studio is transformed into a Holiday Pop-Up Shop featuring many of Peter's famous Staunton photographs as well as architectural map-drawings by me, Kirsten Sparenborg / Turn-of-the-Centuries.
A sandwich board invites folks to come on down to the shop, by the train station, from Beverley Street.
Come in...
We mixed black and white photographs and ink and watercolor drawings on the gallery walls. Architecture, in subject and approach, is a strong underlying connection in the work.
This was the first time I've framed my Staunton drawings. It was nice to see a body of Virginia drawings - Virginia Tech, UVA, Front Royal and, of course, Staunton - all together.
Peter's curiosity xylophone served as a nice display for his photographs. 
Help yourself to "Swig" sugar cookies with sour cream frosting or ginger cookies with orange buttercream frosting or fresh, homemade gingerbread.  I gift-wrap, too!
The sun set on the longest night of the year and the shop glowed blue...
---while the gallery inside glowed warm and inviting.
It invited some of the most interesting and community-minded folks in town - including a new family here just a week, embarking upon a fixer-upper, armed with training and energy and a fantastic zest for life.
Prints and Postcards!  
Night fell and the crowd grew in this intimate space, still room for friendly dogs.
What a wonderful way to meet people and participate in the Local Economy!
The Holiday Pop-Up Shop was a Success!
THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks who stopped in - keep in touch,

HELD OVER to Monday, December 23 10am - 2pm. Come by!
Peter Aaslestad Studio.  120 South Augusta Street, by the Depot.

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