Friday, January 24, 2014


I've just finished the Midwest States Map-Drawings!
Each drawing features the state tree and a quintessential or common small house type found in-state, layered over the state's borders and topography, and highways.  You choose the location of a small red heart or house - where's special to you? Available in 8x10 Prints and Postcards. 
NORTH DAKOTA (Bismarck hearted)
SOUTH DAKOTA (Sioux Falls hearted)
NEBRASKA (Lincoln hearted)
KANSAS (Salina hearted)
MISSOURI (St. Louis hearted)
IOWA (Des Moines & Iowa City hearted)
IOWA (Des Moines hearted)
IOWA (Des Moines hearted)
MINNESOTA (Minneapolis hearted)
WISCONSIN (Appleton & Madison hearted)
ILLINOIS (Springfield hearted)
INDIANA (Indianapolis hearted)
OHIO (Cincinnatti & Columbus hearted)
I loved drawing the Midwest as I thought of my own origins and my family's German and Swiss farmers. Come to the Heartland! 

Find All of the MIDWEST Print and Postcards HERE.

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