Monday, January 20, 2014


I've just finished the Southern States Map-Drawings! Celebrating MLK Day. I imagine every one of these states saw Dr. King in his dynamic lifetime and yet feels his indomitable spirit of peace.
Here they are - sort of geographically hung on my wall. Now, I waffled over Texas and Oklahoma. Is OK. in the Midwest? Is TX. its own region? Some (from Carolina) even say Virginia's not The South...  It's an exclusive club and membership and debatable. Well, here's The South as it settled out for me.
Each drawing features the state tree and a quintessential or common small house type found in-state, layered over the state's borders and topography, and highways.  You choose the location of a small red heart or house - where's special to you? Available in 8x10 Prints and Postcards. 
LOUISIANA! (New Orleans hearted)
MISSISSIPPI! (Natchez & Starkville hearted)
ALABAMA! (Birmingham hearted)
FLORIDA! (Miami & Jacksonville marked)  
GEORGIA! (Atlanta & Savannah marked)
SOUTH CAROLINA! (Charleston hearted)
NORTH CAROLINA! (Asheville hearted)
VIRGINIA! (Charlottesville hearted)
WEST VIRGINIA! (Charleston & Morgantown marked)
KENTUCKY! (Lexington hearted)
TENNESSEE! (Memphis & Knoxville marked)
ARKANSAS! (Little Rock hearted)
OKLAHOMA! (Tulsa hearted)
TEXAS! (Austin hearted)

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