Monday, March 15, 2010

Caroid & Bile > Tea & Cake

I was lucky to have visitors two weekends in a row - and to end up at the Gryphon Tea Room for lunch two weekend in a row. We headed for my favorite, Back in the Day Bakery, but missed lunchtime by a few minutes so I discovered Gryphon as a marvelous second choice. The food was deeelicious. The CAKE was..well, it made an impression. I do love a good cake in section and my coconut cake was just perfect.

I've walked by on about 546 occasions, give or take a few, and enjoyed the view of this majestic former pharmacy in the corner spot of the equally majestic Scottish Rite Building on the corner of Bull and Charlton, on Madison Square. I've admired the extremely high ceilinged space, intact with the medicine cabinets and counters and shelves, beautiful trim on every inch. It is nicely decorated in a contrasting and slightly exuberant {orange} minimalism by owners, the Savannah College of Art & Design.

I wish I knew more about it. If I had some spare time, I'd investigate at the Georgia Historical Society.

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