Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 BLOCK West Jones Street

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Brrr. Cold snap in Savannah. I just took a brisk walk to verify these tricky chimneys before I finalized the stitched-together streetscape for the 10 Block of West Jones Street. The streetlights shone brilliantly on me, but they did nothing for the buildings, as I stood in the middle of the brick street and tried to see into the darkness above the rooflines. I'll have to check one more time in the daylight.

I like this block for it's unfinished/deteriorated nature: Three Great Buildings and asphaldt lots on the corners. Eichberg's centerpiece cannot be overlooked.


Melissa said...

So when will you be drawing my block? Let me know!

kirsten sparenborg said...

Hmmm...Volume 3, Gordon Street? 2010? Melissa will be the first to know.