Sunday, March 1, 2009

NEW SERIES Drawings for Spring

While waiting in the posh golf-themed waiting room at the Lexus dealership for my (more humble) vehicle to be serviced this weekend, I settled on the elements of the New Series of Drawings I aim to create for (late) Spring. I will be rounding out the exisitng series from Fall and beginning some new ones with hopes to expand after this initial start. I will like my "shop" to be comprehensive, cohesive and still a little surprising. Check up on me for that.

Building on the successful elements of my Fall Series,
For Spring, I will have the following series of drawings:

: SILHOUETTES (4 images/2 new)

: VINTAGE AUTOMOBILES (6 images/2 new)

: FROM THE BIRDS EYE [Turn of the Century City Map-drawings] (4 new images)

: STREETSCAPES (5 new images)

: DOMESTIC CASEMENTS [Vintage Dress Patterns] (8 new images) + [Vintage Apron Patterns] (8 images)

: DOMESTIC CASEMENTS [Recipe Cards] (3 prototypes)

: SAVANNAH MAP-DRAWINGS (4 images/1 new)

That's the realistic version, paring down what I want to do by the limits of what I can do, in the time I have - and I am notorious for underestimating Time.
Of course, I will continue to work on the Jones Street Blocks for This is Savannah Vol. 1 (but I need a little expansion sometimes.) I am looking forward to recording my progress here as I start to really make these things.
A very cursory image of this weekend's habit, beginning the base layer drawings for the Turn of the Century map-drawings >>
Any guesses on which Cities comprise the initial Four?

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