Sunday, March 1, 2009

Diorama Life

My girl-about-town buddy, Catherine, found this diorama at our favorite, Habersham Antiques. Luckily, she noticed the tiny drafting table and T-square, rolls of paper, the writing desk and tiny books shelved above, the file cabinets, the world map and Roman ruins prints hanging on the walls covered in vintage wallpaper and she thought of...Me! Or perhaps it was the tiny print on the back wall, front and center, "Nobody's Perfect."
It's really my life in a 7-inch box. I was completely overwhelmed when she gave it to me. That she found something so quintessential, that someone actually made this lovely miniature place, Kirsten's studio in a box. Someone who did not know me - someone possibly in Virginia or North Carolina - somehow it ended up at Habersham Antiques in Savannah - and my friend has a good eye and knows me well. Well, it was one of the sweetest gifts I have ever received.

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