Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 BLOCK East Jones Street_Progress

Somehow I did manage to move the block along this weekend.

Amid playing tennis in the rain, lunching at Back in the Day Bakery while it rained, working, cleaning while it rained, thinking about new york city, sleuthing scents at Paris Market and Terra Cotta while it rained, impromptu birthday cake celebration for Cara at Terra Cotta, church, church, church - while it rained, and a grand tour of the Ballastone Inn by Christy, admiring their collection of Harper's Weekly illustrations and other historic Savannah prints. After the past month of busy and exciting weekends in Savannah, students have gone home and the calm summer vibe is here.


Coleen said...

So it rained, huh! Same here. Here, though, we haven't had so much rain in years-- always a mention of drought--- so we're happy... but enjoying any minute of sunshine!

I was window shopping in an online fabric store and found a line of fabrics that just whispered your name:

and this one is especially reminiscent of your chandaliers:

So are you hoping to go to NYC? I'd recommend going in the Fall b/c it's just too hot to do all the lovely things in the summer. If you need a travel buddy to go to all the museums, I'm available for such a trip :)

savoury toothed tiger said...

this belongs in a MUSEUM!

kirsten sparenborg said...

Is there a museum for nerdy architectural streetscapes drawings? I don't know about that...
but I appreciate the sentiment. thank you very much!