Saturday, June 20, 2009


June nineteenth is a national and international celebration and remembrance of Emancipation and the end of slavery in the United States. The day is recognized as an official holiday in some states, though not in Georgia. However, the Telfair Museum of Art has orchestrated this year its 2nd annual Juneteenth celebration, including a lecture by Naomi Tutu, scholar, teacher, activist and daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Ms. Tutu spoke directly, passionately and with keen insight about healing and reconciliation following Apartheid and racial oppression, drawing on her own experience in South Africa and correlating to the Civil Rights struggle in the US. The talk was held at the historic Second African Baptist Church and was preceded by a welcome by its pastor on behalf of all of the pioneers and leaders who built the church, a stirring solo a capella rendition of Amazing Grace, and welcomes by the representatives of the Telfair, Mayor Johnson, and Richard Shinhoster.
Also, please appreciate these evocative drawings by Tom Feelings of the Middle Passage.

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