Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Shameless Nostalgia: "Accessories of Old"

Accessories of Old is not just an evocative title to talk about vintage findings, it's a shop in Frederick, Maryland and an online shop. I wandered in today, after delivering an order of stationery to sell at The Muse. My mother and I went back in time, she found memories of her childhood and her mother's heartland glamour, I took photographs and tried to justify buying some accessories of old for myself. I ended up with a nice stash of vintage ribbon, for business use. We does one amass all this old stuff in one place? The answer is better than imagined. Read it HERE. The shop is going out of business so head over to the 50% off sale at 151 N. Market Street.
I wished Afton was still here. I think she would have loved Accessories of Old.

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Afton said...

Wow! This looks amazing, I wish I was still there too! <3<3