Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the Mall: Library of Congress Book Festival

I biked over to the National Mall this morning, met MB and friends to listen to authors speak about their books. I probably would have headed for the history section on my own, but, luckily, the girls chose the food authors tent and it was fascinating to see and hear Spike Mendelsohn and Ree Drummond share their secrets. Each is much more than an author: Spike is a young + famous chef, player on Top Chef, owner of Capitol Hill's Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza. Ree is a The Pioneer Woman, mother, wife, homesteader extraordinaire. You've probably heard of them. I suffer from lack of pop culture exposure.Spike worked in the kitchen since he was a kid, has a passion for good honest (local, organic) food prepared simply. Plus, he's adorable - especially sans hat.
His cookbook.

Ree is charming, hilarious, humble, self-deprecating in a loveable way, and obviously a woman to be admired for her accomplishments on the homestead and how she shares them through her blog. From her story, it seems like she just fell into blogging - and also (surpising to me!) designing her blog, with a little bit of help. Her cookbook.

The Pioneer Woman shares Ten Important Things She's Learned About Blogging. Brilliant.
This further clarified my stance that I am not a blogger. {But I'm glad Ree Drummond is a blogger.}

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