Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Shameless Nostalgia: Awed by Norman Rockwell

Oh, my! Norman Rockwell is a genius. I've been hoping to get to see this exhibit from the collections of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas at the National Portrait Gallery. My very good friend, Afton, visiting with her husband en route from Maine to Arkansas, was my cohort yesterday in exploring The National Mall, its monuments and museums, by bicycle. We soaked in the paintings and their accompanying stories, both the background story of how and why Rockwell made the piece and imagining our own narratives that naturally form from such tender images. I felt so patriotic and hopeful and genuinely touched, leaving that gallery of stories.

I hope I haven't denigrated the work to post these images here. My message is GO SEE THE SHOW! Info HERE.

I've been listening to Christmas songs from the 1950s, now, for the entire evening. No doubt inspired by My Shameless Nostalgia.

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