Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Books, Unchained

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I "got familar" with The Unchained Tour while taking on the challenge from its local organizers to design a postcard featuring the independent bookstores of Savannah. The Tour consists of authors, storytellers, raconteurs, and a few musicians performing in support of independent bookstores, and it lands in Savannah this weekend. If you are in Savannah, check it out!
As founder George Dawes Green explained, “We’re embarking on our tour to spread the message that indie bookstores should be the vital center of communities. Nights of storytelling and music, of book groups and talent shows, are at the heart of any living town. It’s time to break the chains of the Internet, and of addictive shallow surfing, and get back to books and deep reading and sharing evenings with living breathing people.”

On that note, why don't you shut down your computer right now and get out - or into a book!

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