Friday, October 15, 2010

MADISON Square: Savannah, GA

Sergeant William Jasper guards Madison Square, sword in hand, holding aloft the flag he nobly planted before British lines. The Revolutionary War hero was killed in battle near this spot in the 1779 Siege of Savannah. Like Wright Square, Madison is endowed by phenomenal buildings along its perimeter, including the Savannah Guards Armory {shopSCAD}, the Scottish Rite Building, St. Johns Episcopal Church, the Green-Meldrim House (temporary home of General Sherman when he occupied Savannah during the Civil War) , the Sorrel-Weed House, the DeSoto Hotel, and the Eliza Jewett House {E. Shaver Booksellers.} The DeSoto is rendered in retrospect and appears as a shadowy "watermark" in place of the present DeSoto Hotel which replaced the old magnificant and once state-of-the-art original DeSoto Hotel.This print is second in a series of Architectural Map-drawings of Savannah Squares, along the renowned Bull Street, from the river to Forsyth Park. It is companion to WRIGHT SQUARE.

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Kipper Millsap said...

Love these! I think I can see myself and Amy in the window of Poetter Hall!!!