Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frederick, Maryland: 200 N. Market Street

Among all the architecture-rich blocks in downtown Frederick, I chose the block between Second and Third on Market Street for its incredible architectural variety, seemingly undervalued. This block faces the 1890s Houck Mansion which now houses the tres-chic restaurant Volt, which I'd also like to draw.

I couldn't find a high-quality historic map with good lines and texture to fill the backgound for this first print showcasing one of Frederick's great urban blocks on Market Street. So I created one using available maps and hand-drawn cross-hatch patterns. The additional background layer is a multiplication of the beautifully scroll-cut wooden vents common in Frederick above gateways between buildings. You can find one in this block.

Now, Terracotta - or - Slate?

Both are FOR SALE at The Muse, on N. Market Street, Frederick as well as online in my etsy shop.

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Allison said...

I bought these for my family this Christmas. I was so evicted because my old apartment is on it :). They are fantastic!