Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dayton, Alabama

Dayton really is just a spot on the road, not even a crossroads. A church, an old (dumb) building, and a former post office/general store. I am glad I stopped, because I found the insides that count!
This old (dumb) building is lovely. "Dumb", here, is an asset because it denotes that this building's simple plan and well-crafted structure have allowed it to serve the need of the time, whether a house, an office, or even a shop. I peeked behind the shutters to discover its most recent use was probably as a polling place. I saw election signs, stacks of old books, a beautiful old wooden table and chairs, all under a layer of under dust.
I found the former post office & general store under a layer of dust, as well. The interior photos were taken by reaching my arm through a broken window pane.

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