Monday, October 19, 2009

Independent Living: Arkansas

Samuel and Afton own five acres in beautiful country just outside Little Rock. The garden is harvested by now, but the house and garden outbuilding, an "igloo" of dirt-packed feed bags, are just out of the ground! The house is being built by Samuel and his father of materials harvested on site and found in town.Samuel's parents built a lovely small house (below), just enough space for the two of them. They live outdoors when the weather is nice. Today was a perfect day to check for eggs in the hen house, see the quail herd, the pigeon house. There is a pond and a large garden - and an ever smaller house, about the size of a large closet, well-built by Samuel so he had a place to stay while visiting his parents. Afton and Samuel lived here the first year of their marriage, while Samuel's parents were on a service mission in Africa. Samuels' mother, Sandy, treated us to a delicious dinner, including pork and rabbit harvested right here, and good conversation - and hugs.

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