Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedding Stationer

wedding announcement postcard, front

A wedding stationer was not what I was going for when I decided a little over a year ago to really invest myself in making drawings for the note card canvas. But something caught on, and I've been lucky to work with some amazing brides and couples, some I never met who found me through the turn-of-the-centuries etsy shop and one couple in particular who are the bee's knees in my stationer's book. Rose & Todd took my conceptual style and made it personal to them, their musical life (of Rose & the Rivals fame), their roots in Portland and New Orleans for wedding announcements (above & below) and party invitations (below).
wedding party invitations, front and back wedding announcement postcards, front and back

And there was a couple in San Francisco (and many others) who liked the Old-Time Duo silhouette of my friends Afton and Samuel at their rehearsal dinner and it seems to be becoming an iconic wedding image. Who knew?
wedding announcement postcards, front and back with a simple "tying the knot" sketch

I love making map-drawings to illustrate the quintessential elements and character of a place. To make one as a wedding save-the-date card...genius. This is the caliber of customers on etsy that I enjoy collaborating with, like Ellen in Seattle. This drawing is derived from a c.1900 map of Seattle and draws upon its patchwork of street grids, location between bodies of water, and boats - especially houseboats which line the bottom edge on the back. I searched for a slogan of turn-of-the-century town-building boom times optimism for Seattle and was disappointed. So I made one up -
Wedding Save-the-Date postcards, front and back
And this custom Save-the-Date started it all when Kristin, visiting Savannah from Washington DC, saw this postcard in shopSCAD and we got to work together on transforming (not by much) Savannah Postcard No.1 into wedding stationery.
wedding save-the-date postcards, front and back
I may have a New York City wedding Save-the-Date on the horizon. I'm thinking this may be the way to capture all the great cities with map-drawings - as wedding stationery! Who knew? Many thanks to all the great folks I've had the privilege of working with as a "wedding stationer."

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