Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thomaston, Alabama

I've come into Rural Studio territory, west of Selma in rural west-central Alabama. This is Thomaston. I puzzled a moment on this cool rusty structure...the skeleton of an industrial building or gas station? I quickly realized my first sight of a Rural Studio project! It's a Community Market. It does not seem out of place. It's a worthy neighbor to the older buildings that characterize the town.
The nice blonde woman in the Mini backed up so as to allow my camera full view when she noticed I was taking a photo.
The Rural Studio's Heritage Center is just beyond the crossroads of Thomaston. I was excited to stumble upon this landmark, but saddened to find it closed 10 minutes early. I bet it was the nice blonde woman in the Mini who decided to close up early. No Pepper Jelly for me and my friends.

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