Friday, October 16, 2009

Macon, Georgia

Today I began my Road Trip Across the South. After a really busy week and running several errands this morning, I set off on Interstate 16 under grey skies and intermittent rain toward Macon. As I drove this lonely, straight highway, the desire to just go back home and go to sleep grew stronger and as I drove into the city of Macon, I actually considered getting a room and going to sleep. (Crazy! I know!) I was that exhausted. FORTUNATELY, the familiar excitement hit me after I got out of the car and began exploring this old city with great architecture, though forlorn streetscapes and shopfronts.

Macon was chartered as the County Seat in 1823. The "city within a park" envisioned by its founders is evident in its spacious streets with parks in the wide medians. The former success of its river port and railroad economy are evident in its tall, classical buildings which housed theaters, shops, restaurants, civic uses and department stores. Many are now vacant.

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